The Guys in Ties for ABI fundraiser is tomorrow night

A little bit of fun for an exellent cause never hurt anyone, and that's exactly what the Guys in Ties for ABI is all about. 


The event hopes to raise money for Barwon Health's McKellar Centre to care for children with Acquired Brain Injury.


It all goes down tomorrow night (Friday, August 25) from 7.30pm at The Pier in Geelong.


There'll be lots of fun, a live and silent auction as well as raffles and finger food served by the guys in ties. Special guest speakers will also take to the stage, entertaining the audience as the night plays out.


The event is put together by a passionate lot of guys who have been working hard in the gym (see below) to hopefully make a difference for children with ABI's

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Time for a Crafty Beer!

As the biggest Craft Beer region in Australia! Geelong brewers have embraced the production of Craft beer with their usual understated exuberance.  They have been busy perfecting their brews, building their base and distributing their ale, emerging as clear leaders, if not by numbers alone. This weekend they come together with their counterparts to celebrate at  the Great Australian Beer Festival and share with us what they have produced and learned for the year.

Geelong has always  been a region of quiet achievers. The Craft Beer scene has been no different. Each year more and more Breweries have popped up, more and more local brands have emerged. Finally they have reached a point where a culture has come into focus, driven by a shared love of the amber ale. Techies, hipsters, nerds and bogans unite as equals over a cool Crafty!

With the beer has come the beautiful breweries, a prerequisite to a fine drop it seems. Many have opened their doors offering food, shelter, music and atmosphere with their beer. Often you can mosey around, ask questions and be treated to some inside knowledge of the finer intricacies of beer making. Otherwise you can just relax and indulge all your senses.  

From a social point of view we can all agree that the Craft beer movement in Geelong will  provide a ground swell of business and tourism opportunities going forward. No other region offers the proximity of breweries, the diversity of beers and the delivery of fresh local produce, music and atmosphere. Best of all if you're inclined you can add a health element in there too and hop on your bike and pedal door to door.  

    Look who's hooked up!

    Social Pages VIP has teamed up with Forte Magazine to cover the Geelong Social Scene for their popular Scene Pix section.  The first edition is due to hit the streets any moment. Geelong’s nightlife has reached an exciting new juncture, providing a more diverse range of evening entertainment from off the hook bars to ‘live music’ venues that may even rival Melbourne’s nightlife.

    The proximity of venues to each other makes the city quite unique. It’s becoming more and more popular to swing between restaurants and bars, before hitting the nightclubs.  This spilling into the streets and growing ‘street crawl’ and has added its own form of entertainment and engagement to a great night out.

    Over the last year alone Geelong has seen an influx of new venues opening, with the latest being Dirty Dutch in Moorabool street. The Live music scene has not been left behind either with the opening of the Workers Club and the Piano Bar in Lt Malop Street.  The expansion of Pistol Pete’s and the Chicken project are sure signs that the City’s popular nightlife is thriving.

    With the beat of the cities heart strong and an influx of students from around the world soon to converge. Geelong is poised to become a force to be reckoned with as a social destination not to be missed.

    The good news is, is that Social Pages VIP and Forte Magazine will both be there to capture the social and music scene, with stories and photos to share, so you too can stay connected to all the people, places and events.

    Festival of Sails

    It was during a sailing race that the plastic floating island of garbage was discovered by Charles C Moore in 1997. This weekend during the Festival of Sails, we would like everyone to refrain from buying bottled water. Instead drink our great Geelong water from the tap, filling your own bottles and displaying them proudly. Lets have fun doing our bit to clean up Australia, this Australia day weekend. We will see you all down at the waterfront.