Brown Alley Nightclub

Who says you can’t have schoolies every day of the year. Catered to the younger generations or just young at heart, Brown Alley Nightclub is a long established 24 hour nightclub providing events upon events. Get whatever you need to out of your system with a venue in demand on a regular basis, it is wise to dress well and have a sober smile for the bouncer, they are known to be strict to the few stereotypes that can cause concern. Due to being a venue well known to hosting A list celebrities and artists in the past, it is one place that would encourage you to step out in style. Better yet, it turns into a day club after 6 am in case you haven’t had enough yet. Prepare to step out to get your uber home / to the hotel in broad daylight as the rest of the world commutes to that thing called “being an adult” and you still can’t walk straight at 8am, yes , you CAN achieve this here. Mind you , everyone has been there once or twice so congratulations on being THAT guy. Safe to say it is not a place to recommend to the ones who enjoy being able to hear a conversation.


585 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Trading Hours

Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday Closed Friday 10AM–7AM Saturday 3PM–7AM Sunday 10PM–6AM


Phone: 03 9670 8599

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