LUX Melbourne

Burlesque in Melbourne has found its home at LUX. Lavish club with chandeliers, R&B DJ’s. Located in a place that is on the quaint side of the party scenes, being based in the famous and lavish South Yarra you can find a more toned down night out at this cavernous and glamorously and yet erotically decorated establishment. Let loose and keep it on the low, coming for a drink and a dance or two at LUX Melbourne. This Club allows bookings for booths and birthdays, along with a classy place to get out and put on some of your favourite lipstick colour to add to yet another classical and iconic Melbourne Venue hotspot. Not everyone’s cup of tea, however everyone’s perception of decadence can live here if you choose to let it.


1/373 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141

Trading Hours

Friday: 9PM - 5AM Saturday: 9PM - 5AM Sunday: 9PM - 12AM


Phone: None

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