Carlton Brewhouse

You find yourself in East Melbourne. This is where you take a walk down to Abbotsford and prove the true Aussie love for beer is strong with a beer tasting tour at The Carlton Brewhouse. This Brewhouse now making history in Australia as one of the biggest selling beer brands in the country. With Bistro food to suit your beer that will make it harder to get home, its worth the taxi back to the hotel, you will be fed like a king!


24 Thompson Street Abbotsford VIC 3067

Trading Hours

Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10AM - 4PM Wednesday: 10AM - 4PM Thursday: 10AM - 9PM Friday: 10AM - 9PM Saturday: 10AM - 9PM Sunday: 11:30AM - 6:30PM


Phone: 04 9420 6800

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