Whiskey & Alement

Next to the Iconic State Library and 5 minutes from the gorgeous picnic hot spot Carlton Gardens is this Craft Bar. This bar provides you up to over 600 different kinds of scotch, a bottle shop for rare single malts for the more sophisticated drinker. Be spoiled for choice with a “Match Beer with Whiskey” one of the options on their menu, This small and delicate setting supplies you with your special picks of bar food, meat and cheese platters to suit your tasting in the most complimenting aromas possible. This is one for the abstract craft spirits and signature chosen wines that are derived from some of Victoria’s most remote and organic harvesting regions.


270 Russell Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Trading Hours

Monday: 4PM - 11PM Tuesday: 4PM - 1AM Wednesday: 4PM - 1AM Thursday: 4PM - 1AM Friday: 4PM - 1AM Saturday: 4PM - 1AM Sunday: 4PM - 1AM


Phone: 03 9654 1284

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