Section 8

Any after something casual and laid back, you may have just found your section! Section 8. You are engulfed by one of Melbourne’s signature graffiti artwork walls before you reach your little touch of hidden goodness and warm vibes. Just down the road from China Town, you have a magnificent outdoor bar. Witha shipping container serving as the bar, this is definitely a unique location, It's like getting away to something Byron Bay would offer without leaving the urban jungle or having to travel there, Your urban street music and youthful communities are the cherry on top for Section 8 as you encounter welcoming staff that will make it hard to not talk and get yourself out there. A must see for anyone wanting a conversation with someone who looks at you the exact same as they did the previous customer no matter what walk of life you're from!


27-29 Tattersalls Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

Trading Hours

Monday: 10AM - 11PM Tuesday: 10AM - 11PM Wednesday: 10AM - 11PM Thursday: 10AM - 1AM Friday: 10AM - 1AM Saturday: 10AM - 1AM Sunday: 12PM - 11PM


Phone: 0430 291 588

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